Best Andypyro PUBG Settings | Graphic | Sound | Mouse Control New 2019

All andypyro pubg settings are here, starting from the graphics, sound, control, and others.

information about him also exists, PC gaming and the equipment he uses for streaming are also available.

Andypyro PUBG Settings

You can find all the game settings in the picture below, the latest and updated information, what he uses to play games, see below.

Andypyro PUBG Control Settings


All Advance Settings Is Very Low
PUBG Sound Settings

Monitor Settings

Brightness: 100
Contrast: 50
Refresh Rate: 240hz
Sharpness: 7
Black eQualizer: 10
Reset Color: NO
AMA: Premium
Instant Mode: ON

Mouse Control

Mouse DPI : 400

2xScope Sensitivity : 50

4xScope Sensitivity : 50

8xScope Sensitivity : 50

15xScope Sensitivity : 50

Andypyro Gears / PC / Setup

all game equipment from Andypyro is in the picture below, for those of you who want to have the same gear with the Andypyro all complete here

Andypyro Gaming Set By battleroyalesettings


Andypyro Streaming PC
Andypyro Gaming PC
Andypyro Gaming Setup

You can also buy the same gaming equipment as Andypyro, such as a gaming keyboard, gaming headset, and even a gaming chair.

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Quick Fact About Andypyro

About Andypyro

Full Name: Anssi Huovinen
Birthday: July 3,1990
Place of Birth: Finland

                              The Story of Andypyro

1 : I live stream of thought play video games protein method I would characterize my personality as spontaneous party guy.

2 : I'm always up for anything the socializing and criminal just come here and have the whole band or it might end up going to the.

3 : In Sunday Monday Tuesday doesn't matter.

4 : My family life when I was Kate my pops let me when I was three years old so basically me and my two brothers with lives with our mom.

5 : I start and stealing stuff when I was six first bird or cases came when I was eight and nine.

6 : Mom could not watch over me because she had to work. And she had to basically put into the city to live.

7 : When I was fourteen they flew me to buy like a big slow getting most is the toughest facility was really really have a garden were not able to go anywhere without was that last place.

8 : My best friend lives they gave me his old PC to play.

9 : That was just something that.

10 : In my mind out of that happened about a year.

11 : If I look back everything that I've experienced it has just made me stronger and prepare me for life.

12 : Really well I want to be good at what I do and remember the good things that I do not about things.

13: I'm living the dream one day at a time claiming something that not many people can do.

Andypyro PUBG Best Moment

The video above is some of the best moments that Anypyro did when playing, thats all information about pubg settings by Andypyro.

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