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Best Laptop Games Free Downloads – Hey guys this is undercover dudes all the way from Down Under and today we’re going to be looking at the top 10 new free-to-play laptop games for 2019 and beyond in no particular order the vast majority of these games have not been featured on my previous a list before so make sure to smash that like button and subscribe for more contents on free to play games.

Best Laptop Games Free Downloads Update 2019

I mostly play first-person shooters of MOBA, so I played this rule no expectations I hop in really enjoyed it, and now I’m probably gonna go back and play some more of these type of games and expand my horizons so that might happen to you.

So go and check it out it’s free of course before we get to our honorable mentions I just want to save it if you enjoyed this content then make sure to share this from top tens free-to-play content more than 94% of you guys and girls.

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Games can cost a lot but some absolutely don’t hi folks its Falcon and today on game ranks 10 awesome free games that were released in 2019.
Now a quick disclaimer just to make it abundantly clear there are a ton of great free games that were released in previous years that you can get right now, and you should we just wanted to focus on games from this year, so lets go in to number 10 best free game play for laptop.

Split Gate Arena Warfare

Is a love child of Halo and portal simple as that a sci-fi themed first-person shooter with gameplay mechanics that through extremely similar to Halo but then add in a portal mechanic where you can pull off insane moves that your opponent won’t expect.

It’s a weird combination, but it really works as it makes you think in a completely different way to most other first-person shooters by having a plan out your portal positions, and flanking routes.

For a game that came as a open beta only a couple of months ago it really does hit the mark and is most definitely an underrated game that you should check out Rockets arena.

Is a very weird game it’s part quake part smash and all about chaos the premise of that every weapon is a projectile and you don’t have a traditional life bar so therefore.

Rocket Arena

free download games for pc 2019

Doesn’t function like a traditional first-person shooter at all, if you take enough damage or you get knocked off the map.

You’ll get finished ala smash style by being booted all the way to the outskirts, and then you have to wait a few seconds before being let back into the game which can turn the tide in the objective base mode.

It’s a big difference to most first-person shooters where you die in respawn, here you never die you just get knocked out and put back into the game.

There’s also many classes to play around with in rocket arena with different abilities which shakes up the gameplay turning rocket arena into not exactly an original experience but an enjoyable one nevertheless.


laptop games download free 2019

Is a game that I have featured in the past, but finally the game is now available in open beta on Steam for everyone to play for those who don’t know about this game.

Kurtzpel an anime inside MMO RPG from kog games the makers of the old-school MMO Elsword the most apparent aspect of this game, is the graphics which are extremely colorful.

In anime inspired the gameplay goes and backs, this up we’ve come movement being at breakneck speed with massive combos to boot we swap between two forms known as Karma’s.

The art of swapping back and forth keeps you on your toes and make sure that the combat is always interesting you go for a few long-range shots with the crossbow then swap to a sword get up close and personal back off rinse and repeat then add in the massive combos in the fluid movement.

And it really does add to the eye candy overall, Kurtzpel was an amazingly looking game not many games hit the anime levels of insane combat but overall Kurt’s build does just that.

And is definitely a must play for any anime or MMO fan my insight is a game that keeps appearing on my channel and for good reason it’s a fantastic free-to-play first-person shooter for people want some major Call of Duty vibes.

This game has cropped up on some my previous lists before but had their going talk about it again because the game is finally on Steam and now split into two different versions the main.

Iron Sight

laptop games download free

Version is for North American South American and European players, and currently yes the steam page is available however the download is not available, so if you want to play iron sight from those regions you have to download it from the official site.

However for Asian players the Asian version is currently live on Steam, so you can go on the page if you’re in that region download it it’s very seamless and it gets you right in game.

Regardless of what version you play iron sight is one of the best free-to-play first-person shooters out there, the combat is crisp the class customization is detailed and the maps and modes are extensive.

The problems were the netcode have been for the most part fixed and the addition of Asian servers have really helped out the community overall iron sight is in a really good state now and so I suggest checking it out if you recall a GT fan one game you probably didn’t expect to be on facility is this one.

Starcraft 2

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The legendary strategy game doesn’t get as much torque as it should, especially because it went free-to-play in 2017 a change of that went completely under the radar known around the world as one of the most difficult games out there.

Starcraft 2 puts you in the driver’s seat controlling an army and the unit’s in an attempt to destroy the enemy the amount of depth to.

This game is insane in nine years after it’s released very soon new strategies being developed in things being discovered while do multiplayer might be a bit daunting.

Starcraft 2 has an impressive campaign component though ease you into the game and as guaranteed to provide you hours of fun a pixel Legends is a game that made a massive splash with its triple a quality gameplay free-to-play.

Entry point an addictive first-person shooter battery our format, however it’s simmered down after a lack of updates it just kind of got released and then no updates for a while and people would just shaking their heads introduce.

Apex Legend Season 2

best pc games free download

The biggest patch so far there is new weapons a new legend called Watson a ton of weapon changes a ranked mode and of course some big variations to the map, or sum it up to a pretty sick update.

Apex legends has always been a game for people that don’t like the building and cartoonish nature of fortnite in the saloon paced nature of pubg as apex has frantic combat in various classes ensuring.

Each match is going to be different from the last add-on the extremely fair monetization system and apex Legends is definitely worth your time especially because it’s a great first-person shooter add-on the battery out add-on.

The no pay to win overall it is a very well-rounded package when it comes to game genres right now the flavor of the month is Auto battlers.

Dota Underlords

laptop games free download full version

Is one of the most popular ones right now based in the Dover universe, in under Lords you form an army by buying units informing compositions where you try to take down the rest of the players in the match in direct.

Contrast to normal dota, you don’t actually control the units rather you place them in specific starting positions equip items and upgrade them, so it plays like a battle arena version of a strategy game.

While personally this is not my auto battler of choice we’ll talk about wild later on under Lords is a very solid game in the steam reviews extremely positive.

So if you’re a dota fan I highly suggest checking it out let’s move on to the next game and that’s a destiny to the lunar base first-person shooter going free-to-play originally a pay-to-play game the base.

Destiny 2

free download games for pc

Will be changed into a free version which includes all the gear one missions activities and rewards while future expansions will be paid.

All of the original content will be going free-to-play and that’s amazing on top of that destiny too would be ditching battlenet and going on to steam which is another great move.

Now this sounds absolutely fantastic, but the tiny problem is that these changes are happening on September so there will be a little bit of time before actually goes free-to-play.

But I wanted to make sure you guys know about it so you can be prepared the life estrange series is a fantastic demonstration of a story-driven adventure.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

laptop games for windows 7

Is no exception to that standard say in the same universe, this game focuses on a young boy called Chris erican and a superhero alter ego called captain spirit where he projects his imagination onto reality after the death of his mother.

Generally I don’t feature games like this mainly, because they just don’t exist in the free-to-play space nor do I actually play titles like this that much.

But I had a fantastic time an amazing time for a half an hour, so that this game runs for the graphics are beautiful and the main character Chris is a lovable lovable character which heavily contrasts with a dire situation his family is in the amount of things.

You can do is actually quite a lot for was basically a demo, you can go and play the little games, you can go outside and you can kind of piece together his universe.

But also piece together what’s happening to his father what’s happening to the people around him and when you go and see the actual situation, the actual reality sets in and it is a little bit moving.

I highly suggest this if you love dialogue-driven games and even if you’re not a big fan of this genre, make sure to go and give the go to see what you’re missing out because I’m not a big player of these type of games.

Quake 2


Was released more than 20 years ago and it’s one damn good game, so Nvidia decided it would be the perfect title the showcase band new r-tx technology of way is known as ray tracing on the surface.

This seems like a very small thing, but ray tracing significantly improves the lighting performance of games and it has a significant effect on this one in particular, because the game given it so old they can completely utilize.

This new technology it’s also been using games like better food 5, but the effect of air is so small given that if you play it to the whole game no computer would be able to go and run it.

Now personally I’m stuck on a 970, so I couldn’t try this game out but if you have an RT X car you can download quake through for free on Steam.

Now with that said if you have the original quake through in your library, you can apply this patch of this render patch to the whole game otherwise you can just go and download for demo which includes three campaign missions.

So you don’t need the actual game on your computer, now for the majority of us watching this content is a free to play content we’re not going to have the beefiest graphics card it out there.

So the majority of us is going to be out of reach but this is a really cool idea and if you have an art X card I highly suggest to go and check it out of all the games on vissa list.

Team Fight Tactics

laptop games free download for windows 8

Is the one that I have been playing the most I’ve complained so much team fight tactics lately this game is an auto brawler that is similar to dota and lords and you can place minions on the board the forum team compositions and destroy the enemy.

It’s basically the same description as I said with dota under Lords now comparing for two games the concepts are very very similar so please don’t take any placement in vassilis as this game is better than under Lords.

I just didn’t want to go and talk about the two games back to back now I have been playing a lot of this game it’s super super fun scene champions from League of Legends.

In this mode and weird and wacky ideas to win the match by doing these all these cool different stripes it is a different way to go and play content games on a different note vote.

Team fight tactics is not a separate game and it’s actually part of it illegal Asians client which could be a positive or a negative DotA under lord is actually separate from the dota2 clients.

So you can just go and download the 700 megabytes or whatever onto any computer but for League you got to download the whole thing personally, I simply play this game more because I have more hours on leak.

But overall dotto battler Jonna is extremely fun, and I really can’t wait to see where it goes in the future, I feel like it’s a great introduction into strategy games in a more encapsulated environment without the massive scope that you get in tires like command & Conquer and total war and stuff like that.

It’s strategy on a much smaller playing field and it’s really really fun, so make sure to go and check it out hopefully you guys enjoyed this content and make sure to go and subscribe for more top tens more free-to-play contents more free to play content and so on Barbara net this is undercover lose all the way from down under.

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