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Chika Dance Lyric – hello there we all knows who is chika right? Okay for you guys who didnt know about this cute girl, you can found her on anime that name is kaguya sama love is war, yes, this girl start got the attention of many people since she showing some dance move and sing a song, where people find out by name chika dance or chika fujiwara dance.

chika fujiwara dance

So many people want to know what the meaning or translate version of this song, cause the original language this song is japanese, below this you can see full version of chika fujiwara dance lyric with english translate, romaji, also kanji or japanese version, check it out.

Chika Dance Lyric 2019

chika dance lyric english version
chika dance lyric romaji version
chika dance lyric kanji version

I love a series that requires no background, knowledge no real thought in order to enjoy it and has an absolutely stunning amount of polish to make me wonder why anyone would bother on such a stupid series.

But I’m extremely grateful that they did. Oh right did I just call this show stupid? I did didn’t I? But I’m not wrong, It’s a dumb premise with even dumber characters who masquerade as being far more intelligent.

Than they actually are. They parade about like each is a mastermind with intellects the size of the sun trapped in an epic struggle.

The likes of which we haven’t seen since the last time someone tried to pen a fanfiction where Lelouch from Geass and Light from Death Note found themselves in a death match.

But here’s the thing. As stupid as it is that stupidity is what makes it one of the best shows to watch this season.

Chika Ending Song translate

chika dance

As it’s going head-to-head with the banger of an opening for Promised Neverland and the visual spectacular that is the opening for Mob Psycho II.

Even if you disagree with me – a concession I’ll grant given the competition – I will not concede that any other anime series has a better ED then Kaguya-sama’s 3rd episode. You’ve probably seen clips of this ED making the rounds on social media AS IT SHOULD.

ED’s are more often than not unremarkable sequences of key animation panned to music that may or not be more interesting to listen to than the idea of clicking away to watch something else.

But in this specific case this ED here is more interesting than most OP’s I am used to watching. Which only makes it more tragic that for some reason they only used it for that one episode and so far never again.

That’s a shit ton of polish and quality for a one-off ED. But that’s the kind of thing that Kaguya-sama seems to do best. On the whole Kaguya-sama is a series that shatters the basic expectations that it sets up and it has been an absolute delight to watch each and every week.

Yes the situations are dumb and break things like the laws of physics constantly but it does it in a way that is infinitely charming and exciting to watch – which I hope I have somehow convinced you to do.

This series is great. But then again this is only my first reaction to the series. Perhaps it could turn out to be quite a bit different.

should you require them and let me know down in the comments what you have been following this season. Hopefully I’ll be able talk about it in a future content.

Chika Dance English Translate

No surprise twist-endings that massively shake up the status quo like some other shows this season. Not that shake-ups are bad.

In fact in Mob Psycho’s case it’s probably going to be amazing. But I don’t watch Kaguya-sama for that kind of narrative. I watch Kaguya-sama to relax and chill and just watch two loveable idiots have a shouting match at each other without actually saying a word.

All wrapped up in production values that far exceed what I was expecting. I’m really not joking about that either. This is a series that the production could have half-assed and as long as the VA’s got the comedic timing down everyone could have probably called it a day being no worse for wear.

Not true here. The animation is top notch when it wants to be emphasis on when it wants. Because to be fair panning shots are the norm when you have characters spouting inner monologues.

But the series also sports one of if not the best OPs of the season and that’s saying something.

Romaji Lyric

Shiogane halfway through explaining that he potentially has a free weekend Chika cuts him off to say that people who go to see this movie together often end up as a couple.

Born out of happenstance but a meticulous calculation that involved Kaguya buying the tickets for a weekend she KNEW Shirogane had free and then slipping them to Chika in away that she would later offer it to the pair of them.

They may suffer losses in battle but as the title dictates love is war. And the war won’t end until the series does presumably.

But that’s what I like about it. It’s almost entirely predictable not in the twists that any individual story will have but in the fact that you can rest easy knowing that you will get a continued experience the same as last time that will remain as enjoyable with each new episode.

Chika From Anime Kaguya Sama Love is War

Kaguya-sama: Love is War is a currently airing anime series from A-1 based on the manga of the same name by Aka Akasaka. Is that a pen name? idk.

It follows both the titular Kaguya a wealthy student council VICE-president and her struggles dealing with the less wealthy but academically gifted PRESIDENT of the student council Shirogane.

They struggle not with their duties as members of the student council nor with their academics in this exceedingly rich high school.

They instead struggle with the innate problem that they are madly in love with one another but neither of them wants to be the one to make the first move and they are both somehow oblivious to the infatuation each has for the other.

This is the crux of the show’s comedy. Each episode is split into three different stories (or battles more like) that place our protagonists into absurd situations where they try to ascertain the other’s thoughts or – the real goal – to force the other to admit to being interested in them.

But they are both extremely prideful individuals who believe that whoever makes the first move in this regard is doing nothing more than offering themselves up to be subjugated by their aspiring partner for the rest of their relationship.

So they circle each other like rabid dogs constantly trying to twist the situation to their advantage with every minute making the circumstances more and more ridiculous.

Let’s take the very first story as an example. The student council Secretary and front runner for best girl of the year – don’t fight me on this you’re going to lose – Chika offers the pair a set of movie tickets for an upcoming film.

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