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Chika ending song translated – for my voice right now I’m in the middle of a cold so hopefully it’s not going to bother you guys too much but any case that has been enough of an intro let’s get into episode 6 so let us begin in three two one play.

alright starting from end of last episode I thought I was gonna say like he wants to become the president or something alright let me quickly chika dance lyrics skip the beginning and I’ll see you guys.

chika dance lyric romaji version
chika dance lyric english version

In just a second love is war denied rejected introvert I wonder what headphones so you disrupted part of her plan yep I think she did want to murder you in chika dance lyrics that second that’s gonna be.

Chika ending song translated 2019

Kaguya all right okay what is caviar gonna do now oh she heard ways they’ll tell chika fujiwara dance me like this is going to last for out the entire series what is with this voice change wait don’t tell me in all the previous episodes ishigami was like right there you memorize the entire book that maid has gotta be like Carrie.

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Chika dance romaji lyric

Chika dance translation

awesome you are completely head over heels for the Pres he’s gonna answer Kaguya does he think Scott wants to kill her he’s perceptive but you know this would be Ashley a no

Romaji Lyric

I don’t think so this would actually be a great way to sort of like bring this into the conversation Cisco the press is gonna answer all right so what is the answer how much love you have.

chika fujiwara dance

hers wait you can’t be sure that the present that’s for normal voice and she’s actually a student purity so they’re actually a same age all right that’s true most of the time the chika fujiwara dance ones who’ll notice the nails are the girls and just for the record for me personally it’s it’s hard for me to notice nails and I suspect.

English Translation

Uh probably a lot of guys out there as well yeah girls are normally much more perceptive of this oh you didn’t notice over nails really Oh are we actually going to get to little sister seems.

like the sister is also going to be a character wait so is he gonna say anything yes maybe a little bit over four Wow and introspective is he actually gonna tax hurt us you yeah yeah she’s cute.

when she’s flustered all right okay and so there chika fujiwara dance we have it the student council members are finally all gathered together now as she got me it seems that he’s going to have like a sort of recurring gag to him.

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