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Chika fujiwara dance – hey guys welcome back to musing stuff mad free I’m your host maverick and hits stab times a week again for reassembly so last week’s episode was a big favor of mine well first of all all of this whole off the episode so far have been spectacular but last episode was especially funny.

chika dance lyric romaji version

To me it had a little bit of everything that is great about this series right it had the humor the comedic timings it had the fluff – cute fluff between Kaguya and the Pres and also a little bit of the battle of the Wits but perhaps more importantly we left on a sort of a should we call it cliffhanger or some.

chika fujiwara dance 2019

foreshadowing right I do believe that the fourth character of the student council Ichi gummi is going to appear in this episode now a lot of you guys have been hyping it up saying that some people even say chika fujiwara.

chika dance

that he’s actually the best character out of this series so I am hyped as well this cast is already very great they have a great chemistry I’m curious to see how it can go even better right beyond that not much has happened in terms of the real world I did find actually a series of interview articles on animate.

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Chika Dance Lyric

chika fujiwara english lyric

times where they interviewed the producers and also all the voice actors of each of the various student council members when yesterday was actually an interview with the voice.

actor with chica and not really much was talked about I looked for often but one thing that did was kind of interesting to me was that actually if you guys remember to wrap in I believe.

episode 4 that actually was her own doing she proposed to wrap that part so props to her props to her beyond that I kind of apologized chika dance.

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