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Chika Fujiwara English Lyric – party you know it’s at the end of day it’s still just a cycle psychology test right so do you have plausible deniability you can just say ah this is just all for fun and haha I get a laugh.

chika dance lyric english version
chika dance lyric romaji version

out of it and you know it might even have the effect the positive effect of at least letting other people kind of view you too as a couple right I mean Prez and Kaguya so I.

think if he answered truthfully there chika dance english lyricit probably wouldn’t have turned out bad for him either to be honest um by the way I do feel like that one was actually a pretty good example.

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chika dance lyrics

chika fujiwara english translation

Chika Fujiwara english Lyric

chika dance

of a one of these you know psychology chika fujiwara english lyric or personality test that has some kind of truth to it although I think definitely the way that it works is that you have to you know say you can’t.

think over just too much after you ask the question you need to immediately give the answer within three or five second and the way it works is because.

if you are in love with somebody and that person is on your mind all the time subconsciously that would be the first name that pops up in your brain as well and so that is how you get the.

correct answer definitely if you allow people to think over just too much it doesn’t work um so I think that one was okay the flower one I I can’t think of a justification for that one neither.

the the cat and the cat in a cage as well knows no or more men for me by the way the episode actually references a lot of different psychological.

Chika ending song translated 2019

I guess things if you will or psychological references they mentioned a Barnum effect which is essentially saying that a lot of these personality tests are and they’re too generic right and so.

you can easily you can easily put yourself into chika fujiwara english lyric these kind of vague sentences that describe things like something like oh you are a nice person or you are.

generally you are generally outgoing and relaxed but there are times you can be critical of yourself you know those kind of statements which can apply to everybody um in some way.

shape or form so that’s the Barnum effect ishigami mentioned a Stockholm Syndrome and suspicion suspension bridge effect Stockholm Syndrome is basically saying the most classic.

use case basically is when you’re kidnapped by somebody and then you fall in love with your kidnapper so maybe not quite that one in terms of him thinking that he loves he’s in love.

with Katya the suspension bridge effect is basically saying when you get into situations where you feel fear or excitement you know your your heart rate you get excited and then.

Chika Dance Romaji Version

some people will mistake that for being in love with another person maybe that one has a little bit more bearing to it but maybe maybe and there was also a reference to roar Rorschach inkblots.

you know those I think I mean there was a scene right and in the background they had this weird shaped ink blob Rorschach test Rorschach psychology psychology test I was never a big.

fan of domes but apparently those are actually more more useful than than these other psychological tests so pain I’m not a trained psychologist I don’t know about that um I think all.

right so so that was the second mini episode um chika fujiwara english lyric not really much else to talk about I did like how Indian Kaguya was basically looking up how to make babies and I make multiple babies.

because she learned that kaguya was one at nine children so she oh she’s trying hard for the press’s sake right away nine children press because he did confirm that himself nine really I.

have no idea what he’s thinking of especially since it seems that well maybe okay let’s let’s look at it this way since he comes from Allegiant Li a poorer family I’m entirely sure how his how his family.

fujiwara chika dance cosplay

condition is I’ve heard that he has you know he’s maybe not exactly in poverty but definitely not a well-off family so maybe having more siblings means more people to work right maybe that’s his.

fought process I don’t know and we did get mention of his sister which was immediately referenced in the next mini episode so I thought that was great as well and I’m actually.

expecting at this point for that sister to also be a character I believe she’s called Chi Chi II she’s probably gonna appear in the future if I if this series is no I’m.

from from watching this series up to now I think Kai is going to appear sometime in the future as well and finally the final mini episode third one hayasaka I did not expect her to be the in.

the same school chika fujiwara english lyricand actually the same age has Kavya she definitely gives off much more a much more mature vibe I thought she was in her early 20s or something but ok she’s also a high school student.

so it’s one of those settings where I know maybe her family has for generations been servants of of Korea’s family some sort of setting like that um I definitely love the personality.

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