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chika fujiwara english translation – where he is going to constantly be afraid that Takuya is trying to kill him it definitely didn’t go the way that I expected it I thought more that it was going to be a character especially from.

the first few scenes where he wants to take over to position of student council president so he’s constantly thinking of a way to backstab.

chika dance lyric romaji version
chika dance lyric english version

or you know mess up the president right I thought it was going to be something more similar to that because that would be some great comedic feel it’s a tried and proven method tried-and-true method to to get great comedy but I guess.

chika fujiwara english translation 2019 Update

chika fujiwara dance

this also works as well it’s definitely a little bit more unorthodox you know thinking that one of your your fellow council members I just try and kill you but I can see where this is going like every you know every few every other episode or.

something you know eventually chica and ishigami are going to sort of mess up cavalry s plan right and then she’s gonna give them the death.

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chika dance lyrics

Chika ending song translated

stare and then ishigami he’s gonna have a breakdown and so hilarity didn’t ensues I think it’s gonna go somewhere like that I don’t know if there.

chika fujiwara english lyric

was another character in here that’s going to try to assert the president I think that would be fun as well the L of these three mini episodes the one that got my I guess most interesting to.

me would be the second mini episode where they basically talking about these sort of psychological tests and whatnot now I know if it’s.

the same in the Western world but at least in Japan oh those are huge in Japan and I guess most eastern countries in general those things are huge especially for for Japanese you know.

high school female students they have lots of these kinds of magazines everywhere where they have these surveys and questionnaires always having.

Chika Dance Romaji Lyric

some sort of personality test and Japan society as a general loves these kinds of things and high school girls are especially impressionable and there you got all sorts of fortune-telling.

blood types are huge deer horoscopes also have a big following I think in the West I don’t really see as much the same culture as that in the east probably the two biggest personality.

test that I can think of that is more prominent in the West one would be the Harry Potter sorting hat quiz that one’s very popular and also MBTI as well personally I like to look at.

MBTI a lot because no personality quizzes are fun yeah but anyway is that that definitely you could see that coming a mile away you she got meas response and answer I know.

personally I think that the press didn’t really need to be that concerned about answering that question right if this hall if the entire condition of somebody losing is actually confessing to the other.

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