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All about ChocoTaco PUBG settings game here, starting from the settings of the graphic, controller, sound system. Streaming isn’t simple, though. It takes banners many hours of playing a game properly as well as enjoyable numerous audiences to reach a factor where a their channel allows sufficient to provide some financial security.


Don’t forget also the info of the settings from Shroud are also here, all players and streamers you can find in other articles, therefore don’t forget to update always hey you gamers!

ChocoTaco PUBG Settings

The picture below shows all the settings, please check one by one

Fov: 103
Mouse DPI: 900
Bindings: chocoTaco uses settings default bindings except map is mouse 5, and for zeroing he uses T and G

chocoTaco PUBG Settings
chocoTaco Control Settings
Best Mouse Settings for PUBG
Best Sound Settings for PUBG

Chocotaco Sound Settings

Master Volume : Active – 70

Effect : 100

UI : 100

Music : 100

Voice Chat Mode : Push To Talk

Voice Chat Channel : Only Team

Voice Chat Output : 100

Chocotaco PUBG Controller Mouse setting

General : 25

Vehicle Driver : 45

Targeting : 25

Scoping : 25

Scope2x : 25

Scope4x : 25

Scope8x : 25

Scope15x : 25

Chocotaco Pubg Graphic Settings

Screen Mode : FullScreen

Resolution : 2560 x 1440

FpsCameraFov : 103

Brightness : 68

Screen Scale : 100

Anti Aliasing : Ultra

Post Processing : Very Low

Shadows : Very Low

Texture : Ultra

Effect : Very Low

Foliage : Very Low

View Distance : Very Low

MonitorBlur : No

V-Sync : No

ChocoTaco Stream Gears

ChocoTaco: Wake up at 10, no morning meal, shower, get ready and also play games. I’ll begin streaming pubg game at 11 a.m.

Central. I’ll stream till mid-afternoon, 3 p.m. I’ll take a break as well as come back at evening as well as follow my current routine of 7 to twelve o’clock at night.

It ‘d be excellent if I might invest that time in the middle of the day to exercise or do something productive.

chocoTaco Gear Set By BattleroyaleSettings


About chocoTaco

You are curious about the real name, age, place and date of birth you can check below

Born In : USA

Choco Birthday : September 22, 1988

Real Name : Jake Throop

Little History of chocoTaco

Jake “ChocoTaco” Throop was making a respectable living as a teacher in Chicago, yet he’s decided to leave it all behind for a career streaming PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Twitch.

Just a few weeks earlier, Throop, 29, placed in his notification. Mere months earlier, he was streaming for 5 audiences, if he was fortunate.

Then, ChocoTaco’s humble PUBG network swelled into a reputable, medium-sized event. For some time, he had the top kill ranking in The United States and Canada.

Last night, he told hundreds, “The dream is real. It’s all as a result of you individuals.”

The idea that some individuals materialize, excellent money playing computer game throughout the day comes off, to some, as a disrespect to more traditional kind of work.

Streaming isn’t very easy, though. It takes streamers hours upon hours of playing a video game capably as well as enjoyable hundreds of customers to reach a factor where a their network is big sufficient to provide some monetary stability.

Lots of banners harm their bodies or fracture under immense pressure to make their desires become a reality.

To offer readers a sense of what it resembles to quit a well-paying, steady as well as delighted work to game full time, I talked with Throop via phone today.

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ChocoTaco Best Moment

Lots of banners harm their bodies or split under immense stress to make their desires happen, thats all about Chocotaco PUBG Settings.

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