How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft|Update Oct 2019|Best Guide

Today we’re going to be answering what is the best way How to find diamonds in Minecraft, while you can just dig through cave systems and whatnot and that is a lot more fun . If you guys are like me you might be efficiency nuts and you might like knowing the absolute best way to be able to do things and that’s what I’m going to be showing you guys here today.

How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft Update 2019

where to find diamonds in minecraf

Why is this the best way? it’s all a matter of opinion but in my three plus years of minecraft experience and extensive research on diamonds and how they generate and the techniques defining them, this is what I find to be the very best way to find Minecraft diamonds.

Both in theory and in practice this content is going to be explicate steps you need to take to find diamonds, this content is going to be basic and direct and mainly for the people who just want to find diamonds ASAP, so without further ado let’s get right in to how to get these guys.

Step 1 : Preparation

how to easyly find diamond in minecraft

You always need to prepare before going down to the depths because it’s much more dangerous than it may seem starters you’re gonna need one of these types of tech axes either iron or diamond, because these are the only two kinds of pickaxes that can actually mine diamond or when you find it if all you have is a stone pickaxe right now that’s okay because as you mine down you’ll probably find some iron and then you can craft yourself one of these babies.

You might want to bring a shovel because there is gravel in dirt down there, next up we’re gonna need to defend yourself obviously there are monsters down there, I recommend bringing swords and probably a bow and arrow.

If you have any because sometimes a skeleton can be like up above you or something, and if he hits you into the lava you’re done so yeah you want to knock those guys out before anything else. So bring a bow if you can, and of course a full set of armor if you have it though more armor the better for extra defense.

Next in minecraft of course it is the water bucket, the water bucket will save your life if you are in a situation like where you fall into lava or oops you might add a lava, there’s so much lava down there especially when you’re at Diamond level. The water bucket will save your life also you can do that cool trick where you turn all the lava and obsidian and you can scale a lava lake.

The next list is food, I make a rule of bringing at least eight pieces of food down there because that usually is the duration of how long I stay down there and of eating that about that much, and of course torches it’s dark down there you’re going to need to see if you don’t want to bring to a billion torches at once.

You can bring your wood with you, because you’re gonna find coal down there and of course if you combine sticks and coal you can get more torches, so yes bring your wood if you like because it will help you along the way making torches.

So What You Need Is :

  • pickaxe
  • shovel
  • sword
  • bow and arrow
  • full set armor
  • water bucket
  • foods
  • torches
  • wood

Step 2 : Scavenge Around for Some Caves

easy ways to find diamonds in minecraft pe

Alright so here’s a nice little cave I found if you do find one of these caves go right ahead and explore it as far as you can go, if you did actually find a good cave and it starts going down and stuff that’s awesome keep exploring.

Step 3 : Is Time To Dig Down

easy way to find diamonds in minecraft xbox one

Of course don’t dig straight down, because this can happen we all know that dig a double trench yeah, or a staircase it needs so desire as we’re diggin down you’re gonna want to hit the f3 key we’re gonna want to start digging down, which is your y coordinate or Y level mine until you reach little 10 level 10 is the best level you can be at for.

easy way to find diamonds in minecraft ps4

Step 4 : Which Is Going to Be Strip Mining

So remember the whole strategy defining diamonds is using both caves and strip mining as a resource, you can say if you do end up finding a cave that leads all the way down to Diamond level, that’s awesome that’s perfect that’s your plan.

That’s what you want to find but more often than not, you’re not going to have that available to you, you need several different options and strip mining is going to be your plan B, strip mining is basically the best way to excavate a certain amount of blocks underground to be as efficient and thorough as possible.

find diamonds in minecraft xbox

So basically what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna dig a 2 by 1 trench just enough for your player to walk through and every 4 blocks you’re going to mine as far as your pickaxe can go to either side of you.

find diamonds in minecraft 1.14

You’re gonna mine one of these poke holes every four blocks, seriously it needs to be four if it’s three you’re not gonna be efficient, if it’s seven you’re not gonna be thorough, you want to have that balance and four has been a scientifically proven block based on my research all this time.

You can trust me on that, you’re not gonna find diamonds as fast as you would in a cave, but if you keep at it long enough you’re probably going to find more diamonds, you could say in a smaller area because you’re being more thorough.

So yeah strip mine if you can’t find a cave that’s basically it however, while your strip mining as you can see if I had continued the strip mine in either direction I would have hit a cave so once you do find those caves that becomes your priority.

Step 5 : Explore Any Caves You Find

find diamonds in minecraft xbox one

If a cave is this deep in underground already, there’s definitely going to be diamonds nearby, not definitely, but very likely always be taking the option that leads you the furthest down you can get because down is where diamonds are.

find diamonds in minecraft fast

Always be checking your f3 to see what level you’re at, 11 is the deepest that caves go, if you find lava like this, use your water bucket that I told you to bring in the beginning and do stuff like this obsidian pathways very nice.

Step 6 : Best Guide to Find Diamonds

find diamonds in minecraft ps4

Alright so you’re all your strip mining is done all your caving is done you finally find some diamonds, alright now before you go crazy and them all at once, be careful because you’ll never know when under you there’s going to be lava.

how to find diamond in minecraft

Be very careful when mining these diamonds sometimes it’s helpful to even mind around it you’re gonna wanna see what’s around you, there you go you have all your diamonds after you’re done, make sure to kind of mind around a little bit because sometimes they’re gonna be extra diamonds hiding somewhere, and thats All.

Go Home And Celebrate It !

how to find in minecraft diamonds

Yeah you find your diamonds whether it be via strip mining or caving you found them and you are as happy as a gopher mouthful of chicken nuggets alright so after you find these.

I would recommend that you just go home and drop them off if you play Minecraft with your friends you’ve likely heard the tragic story of, “oh I found diamonds and a monster killed me”, or “oh I found diamonds and I found a lava lost them all”.

Go home and celebrate, eat some pizza and about your friends over you found diamonds yay, so there you have it that is the very best way that I know of to find diamonds, So I hope you can absorb that info and apply it to your Minecraft world and get infinite diamonds to give away to the world.

A litle Reviews For New Comer About Minecraft Game

We can say that the time of the arrival of video games was a long time ago, we started with games as basic as card games, tetris, the famous tic tac toe or even the first game in the world also known as “Tennis for two”. The fact is that over the years it has allowed new video games to go on sale not only for computers but also for consoles and mobile devices.

All kinds of video games have gone on the market, from sagas of action video games as famous as Call Of Duty or Assassins Creed, to video games from platforms such as Mario Bros or Sonic. These are not the only genres we can talk about but we can say that each video game has something special.

The important thing about video games is not always the graphics, some players are looking for modern games with the best graphics because they think that this is really worth it, but the important thing about a video game is what it leaves in a player, it goes from history and plot until its playability and usefulness when playing.

A game that shows us that graphics are not everything is the great game called Minecraft, its beginnings were normal compared to other games, created by the independent company Mojang the video game went on sale on May 17, 2009. This video game It was something different from the rest of the world. Its entire world was made with cubes, this was what gave it a difference with respect to other games.

The videogame has several modalities, each one of them explored by all the players in the network, it brought from its survival mode to the creative one if we talk that the player was offline. But after creating their servers on the Internet, multiple game forms emerged that enchanted the entire community.

The game took the title of the best-selling game in history with a total of 175 million copies sold. Many think that really the best-selling game in history is “Tetris” but in fact it was recently shown that Minecraft had already overcome it. Being today the best selling game of all despite having its most recent competition known as Fortnite. Minecraft was received as one of the best games and today it is still popular among the community being the primary game of many gamers, currently also used to win money in multiple ways and also obviously to enjoy an afternoon at home with friends.

For many this game was the beginning of their world in the gaming world, that’s why it is so loved by many and hated by others but after all Minecraft is and will remain for a long time one of the games that shows us that the Image or graphic quality is not everything. If not, with a little creativity you can entertain the entire world and above all give a very good lesson about appearance.

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