How to Get Blood Elf Heritage Armor | Update 2019

How to Get Blood Elf Heritage Armor – Welcome to another world of warcraft guide today I’m gonna show you how to unlock heritage armor for dwarves and blood elves heritage armor is a newer feature introduced with the first allied races in the BF a pre-purchase.

how to get blood elf heritage armor

They are cosmetic armor sets unique to each race that can be transmitted over any armor type and they’re unlocked account wide so once you earn them any character of that race can use them while they were initially only available for allied races.

How to Get Blood Elf Heritage Armor 2019

blood elf heritage armor how to get it
can demon hunters get blood elf heritage armor

Blizzard has started creating sets for the existing core races of the game dwarf and blood elf heritage armors were added in patch 8.1 for the dwarves we have the heritage of the bronze beard.

This set is acquired through a quest line that honors dwarven culture and the legacy of the Bronzebeard clan for the blood elves we have the heritage of the cinder I this set is obtained from a quest line.

That honors the struggles that the blood elves have endured this set also comes with both a tunic and a robe giving you a choice of what to wear.

Unlocking heritage Armour for these races is a bit different than getting the ones for allied races rather than leveling up a fresh tune you simply need to fulfill two criteria using a single character the first is that you’ll need to be level 120.

can you get blood elf heritage armor on a demon hunter

I’d recommend using the add-on called Azeroth autopilot to help you level up quickly it’s a great tool and tells you where to go and what to do while automatically picking up and turning in quests for you definitely helps things move faster.

blood elf heritage armor how to get it

how do i get blood elf heritage armor

The second Criteria is that you need to be exalted with your city faction for dwarves that means Ironforge and for blood elves that means silver moon city there are several zones where you can gain rep with both of these factions.

how do i get the blood elf heritage armor

But by far the quickest and most efficient way to increase your rep is to use tabards, each city quartermaster sells a tapper, that you can wear to earn rep when running dungeons.

how do you get blood elf heritage armor

The iron forged quartermaster captain stone helm is located in the great Forge next to the flight master, and the Silvermoon quartermaster magistrate’s nazara is located just outside the city also next to the flight master.

how do you get the blood elf heritage armor

Once you have the Tabard I suggest you go farm rep in the Outland dungeons on both normal and heroic, many people like to farm normal mekin are repeatedly since it gives a lot of rep for full clears.

And has a convenient teleport back to the dungeon entrance this seems to be the most efficient choice as you can hit exalted in about an hour or two.

Once you’ve completed both of these criteria head to the storm wind or Orgrimmar embassy dwarves will see digger golad outside who will give you the quest keep your feet on the ground.

how to get blood elf heritage armor quest

Blood elves will see ambassador dawn sworn outside who gives the quest the pride of the cinder I completing those questions will award you with your set and that’s how to unlock heritage armor for dwarves and blood elves.

how to get blood elf heritage armor requirements

what is up my beautiful gamers not today I’m gonna be showing you how to get the blood elf heritage armor it’s really easy not that hard it takes about probably between 30 minutes to an hour depending how far you are into the super moon.

city rip so let’s move forward and start off with the first step so the first thing you do is head over to this vendor out in Silver Moon City in front of the city this NPC here will give you the Tabard now you need the tavern because the tapper will actually.

give you more rep and you’re basically going to be grinding out dungeons now there’s a specific dungeon that you’re going to be grinding out which I’m going to go to right now but first if you need to pause the content to see how to get to the NPC.

just go ahead and do that because I know some people get lost so he’s located right up here in the front all you have to do is talk to him once you’re talking to people tavern and that’s it you’re done so let’s move on to the next step so the next step is to port.

over to down run through the middle of the city once you get to the middle you’ll be able to get to this port room you’re gonna take the there’s portal 2 shattrath so once you get to the city we’re gonna head over to nether storms to temple keep there’s a.

dungeon out here called mekin our that we’re gonna be running now remember you could only do 10 runs cartoon so make sure when you’re in just dungeon you.

Unlock blood elf heritage armors

take full advantage of everything you want to kill everything in here so you can get all the rep you can’t you’ll be surprised how short you be sometimes just just make.

sure to have your Tabard on and that’s really it and keep doing it until you get the coal down once you get the coal down go do some islands and then come back and run it again just kill everything and that’s really and when you come back outside just make.

sure you reset all your instances and then walk back in and it should be fine but once you’re done you get exalted you’re gonna head over to Orgrimmar where this.

quest will pop up so that basically fully unlocks the quest line for the heritage armor make sure if this doesn’t if this doesn’t pop up that means you’re not exalted so make sure you look.

at your Silver Moon before you head back so you’re gonna come back to Silvermoon once you accept that quest accept it and you’re basically you’re gonna get going on the quest line now.

this quest line takes about 30 minutes to 35 so make sure you have some time to do this it’s really not that long it’s probably one of my favorite quest lines too so I hope y’all get to enjoy.

too because I had fun I was so excited to get it because I’ve been waiting to get this for a while honestly all this in total took me up so it took roughly about two hours it wasn’t too bad.

I honestly thought I was gonna take longer and there’s gonna be a crazy rat farm but it wasn’t but yeah just know when you’re walking through this island that we’re on right now right.

here don’t walk through the middle don’t even try to walk through the moat just walk around the side of the city and that’s it just just do that it’ll show you what you won’t waste a lot of.

weapons to go with blood elf H armor

time so your head back turn in the quest once you’re done with that this is the last class and you’re gonna get the heritage armor oh it won’t be in your bank you’re gonna.

have to click shift P and head over to your transmog set it’ll be in your transmog set and you’re done basically after that you just have to go Margot and you get to worry.

and you’ll be looking nice and clean for the next few raids and people be wondering how did you get it how did you get it can you show me please but we are done here with the content guys if you liked it please like if you’re new here you want to sub you.

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