Best guides How to Make Ender Portal in Minecraft

HOW TO MAKE ENDER PORTAL IN MINECRAFT – hey what is gonna guys field you here and welcome to today’s in this post I’m gonna show you guys how to build the end portal, in my opinion this is the best way you can do it but this is not going to stop you from getting trophies it’s not gonna stop you from getting achievements, but if let’s say you were searching your world and they were so hard to find the you still couldn’t find it and you just can’t find so many endermans to get the eye of ender to find where it is type of thing I’m going to show you how to do it which is kind of a very easy way.

How To Build an End Portal

If you guys already knew how to do this correctly good for you on this content is not necessary for you but for people who don’t this is for you guys so let’s get started anyways a lot of people apparently don’t know how to make on and portal properly like some people have told me when they tried making an endpoint oh it just comes out totally wrong

It’s very important that you place the frame blocks the correct way, so the portal can be succesfully created very important that every single block of your end portal has that pattern facing inwards and outwards of the portal otherwise the portal will not work.

2. Finish the End Portal Build by Adding 12 Eyes of Ender

I just want to say that I know this should be common knowledge to most yet and if you guys already knew it good drop a like down below if you already knew it, but i still get quite a lot of people thanking me for showing them how to make a portal, but I also get a lot of people who complain and say it wasn’t good enough

They still don’t know how to make the portal and that’s what this post is for I’m gonna just show you exactly what you need to do and why your portal is not working, so let’s go make one right now the way people think it should be made so we’re going to make an ED portal right now.

How To Finish The End Portal found in a Stronghold

Hey what is gonna guys Now I’m gonna show you guys how to find the ender portal in a stronghold and how to finis the end portal, my opinion this is the best way you can do it.

1. How To Find the Stronghold

Let’s say you were searching your world and they were so hard to find the you still couldn’t find it and you just can’t find so many endermans to get the eye of ender to find where it is type of thing I’m going to show you how to do it which is kind of a very easy way.

2. Finish The End Portal by Adding 12 Eyes of Elder

That’s All you need to find the end portal in a stronghold, follow the steps correcly at the beginning i already giving tutorial how to build the ender portal completely, frame placement, position, and eye of elder.

How to Find a Stronghold in Minecraft

I’m gonna start by creating a brand new world I’m gonna name this just end so let’s name it like this alright so difficulty would be hard or whatever you guys prefer so let’s say this is gonna be a medium world size.

I will sure generate that and yeah so that looks to be it, so let’s go ahead and create this brand new world and obviously since it’s a brand new world we’re gonna look around real quick not so much but it’s survival so technically speaking was slow gonna be able to get the achievement.

In this I’ve done this on ps4 as well I tested it and it does work which is pretty awesome and the reason I’ve done this is because of my platinum series I’ve been like literally looking all over the place and I just couldn’t find the end portal.

So I was like I have to find a way because I don’t think it’s only me I’m sure there’s a lot of you guys out there that just would prefer to find the thing but there’s just so hard for you to find it because you just don’t know where it is and it’s just so much work.

1. How to Make a ender dragon

how to make ender dragon portal

To actually get the AIA vendors to just waste on finding the portal so that being said as you guys can see we’re down here I mean up here technically near this one this is a very nice world actually we got some llamas already in here how awesome is this look at the amount of animals and stuff.

Hello guys how’s it going this is a very nice nice stuff happened in there this is a very beautiful world ender dragon be honest what else do we got here so there’s a jungle biome there 2sat biome I’m not seeing any villages or anything like that none not if that matters at all but it would be nice to see some

but anyways so as you guys can see everything is looking very good here so what you want to do guys is pretty much save the game so I’m gonna go ahead and disable autosave and then we’re gonna exit and save the game so once I did this we have the map called end dragon.

Okay so what I want to go ahead and do now is press Y on the Xbox and then I’m gonna click copy save okay so this is gonna copy the save if you’re wondering about my Xbox minecraft letsplay down here this one here is actually a backup of it it’s not really a creative version of it it’s actually a backup version of this so in case something happens to my real world.

2. How to Make End Portal Frame

how to make end portal frame

we’re just gonna continue on going this way and as you can see look at the amount of I of Enders it actually takes to find it and honestly when you’re mining and if it’s not nearby it will be so difficult to find an portal and on this world right now the end product is very far away from spawn as you can see wow this is just crazy distance away.

Thankfully the PlayStation Edition and like my PlayStation Platinum Series world isn’t this crazy so like it’s now it’s still going so yeah it’s not as far as this thankfully but as you can see guys in this type of case I gotta admit it would be very difficult for you guys to find where the end portal is for your world.

So I’m sure this content will help you guys out to find it and as you can see we’re pretty much near it but that was a very big trip so it tells me to go this way and then the end our eyes are actually starting Kodo to go downwards if you’re in the right place so I’m guessing it’s probably down here somewhere so it tells me to go up here area come on tell me where it is okay there we go so saying that it’s actually right here so as you can see.

3. End City Portal

end city portal

came I guess we could go this way too I don’t know what’s in here okay stole some coal in here and most likely dead end okay well usually if you were to mind this coal maybe there might be something behind it but anyway so let me just show you how it’s much easier to find end city.

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It obviously where the ice stop that’s what matters so I think that I stopped around the water here somewhere so I’m guessing around here is where it’s docked I think it was around portal here or more like here there we go so the eyes are going down as you can see so it’s telling me that it’s there so the way I do it I can start digging straight down like here so that yeah the water doesn’t do anything to me but we can just dig straight down and then this should take me right into here.

4. How To Make Portal Frame

how to make portal frame

For the end portal for my playstation 4 world and honestly this is probably the easiest way to fix that type of issue and usually where the eyes stop that’s around where where the where you will see the end portal near there so let me just go back up.

  • Make Sure You Look At the Position.
  • Very importan the placement of frame.
  • Check every fragment you need to make it.
  • Then you can easyly get the portal frame.

There we need to look around there we don’t really have to go this far back but there it is let me just find the place I dig there it is alright so that was more around here of course so we can just dig down this way and look around here because it could be potentially somewhere here for that.

But we don’t want to go too far away but let’s see how long it actually takes me so you can see there’s a lot of exploring to do in the stronghold obviously but we don’t want to go too far away because the portal should be somewhere here and if you start doing this it’s gonna take you back into that place where it tells you to dig.

5. End Portal Block

end portal block

How many maps you have what matters is the coordinates so now I’m gonna speed this up until I actually get there because it’s really far away well that wasn’t supposed to happen now I don’t have a map so I’m gonna exit and go back pretty much.

Okay guys so I am standing on the pretty much the block that I have to dig straight down and this should take us into that corner of the portal room so I’ve got myself a shovel now and not really doing that well with hell because obviously this is just the tutorial.

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It’s kind of like I came here to fight him or anything like that but now I just got myself a wooden pickaxe I’m gonna pretty much dig this as much as I can obviously was quite a bit high up because we’re digging down the mountain but we have to go down all the way to I think the Y was around it was 35 okay so we still have a lot to dig but the good news is we know where it is that’s that’s the whole point.

Because once you find a stronghold I think it’s much funner to actually explore it so you don’t really know where the portal room is because it’s a lot of fun to explore the stronghold but if you’re just really going for the stronghold portal itself like you’re not you’re just there to just go to the end.

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