PUBG a video game that marked a before and after in the current games

Technology came to our lives with various things, improved many vital things for all our collective and social development. In addition to implanting many new things such as computing that in turn brought many phenomena more than today have a great impact such as Facebook or social networks, Google or search engines where we can find everything in seconds and many more things. to entertain as Netflix, YouTube or the great video games.

Video games, that in which we can have fun if you even want to move from our chair or our bed, since its inception have been intimately related to young people but nowadays it is related to all kinds of people who have been attracted to video games that Every day they have deeper stories or competitive game modes that awaken in us that need to be playing for a long time, or to want to win or win.

One of the games that we can talk about is PUBG or better known as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds that came out in 2017. It must be admitted that the game from its beginnings had a great popularity on the part of the player community. That is why many other games have copied their game mode.

This game was a great success for a long time, even today allowing the video game to be recognized in almost all parts of the world, for being one of the most extreme competitive modes that exist in the current videogame network.

He became famous thanks to his Battle-Royale mode that included that 100 people fell on an island from which only one would leave alive, the island is large in the video game but they are forced to approach gradually thanks to a circle that It closes in random places.

Without more to say, one of the best games we have in this decade, and one that will last with players for a long, long time.

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