PUBG PS4 Review (Graphics, Controls, & Gameplay)

First and then my more negative and critical opinions of which there are quite a few coming later so to start off with one of the good things is that if you get PUBG on PlayStation four you get the full game of PUBG you get every map every mode all items all the scans the crates everything that PC and Xbox gets.

You also get with a handful of like a few exclusive items that each system has to have for whatever reason but you can play in Russia in the desert in Vietnam and the snow coming up and PlayStation four even has a public test server which doubled my download time.

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Because it was downloading them both at the same time but you can try all the new guns and all the new stuff on the public test server on PlayStation four console same you cannot PC so that’s really good I’m glad to see that it launched the four game on PlayStation four.

Good Things About PUBG PS4

Not just like one or two maps another good thing is the pubg GPS for also has all of the same possible movement controls inputs etcetera as you would have on PC there’s nothing that you can do on PC controlling your character or your weapons or movement wise that you can’t do on console that supplies the Xbox one X as well so there aren’t any corners cut on the game play.

It’s the full PUBG experience after playing the game I’m gonna I’m not gonna deny it was really rough at first because I’m used to playing PUBG on PC you know running fourteen forty P. high frame rate high graphics all that sort of stuff so coming back I personally was expecting the pure pain of the Xbox one launch the Picasso buildings the twenty F. P. S.

the infinite bugs and crashes and weird wagon controls and that really wasn’t present here I think that blue hole or the PUBG corporation which is owned by blue hole learned a lot from their mistakes from the Xbox one launch and we have much smoother launch here and for all of the jokes that PUBG gets about being a dead game which it’s not by the way it still has like eight hundred K. people playing every single.

Hey being broke and I were at you know a bad game or whatever killed by fortnite this was a decent experience this wasn’t one that I would meme on to harder say was too bad not PC is definitely better but yeah I was very playable here some other little things I noticed is that the audio on this game is way better than black out I can actually hear footsteps and sound for people like a reasonable person but it did sound different than PC pubg.

For some reason I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what sounded different but it was a little different and oddly I didn’t lag on PlayStation four like no lag at all which was very surprising to me I think I got lucky in that aspect more than that’s going to be your normal experience for the game.

Some Bad Things On PUBG PS4

Now let’s get into some negatives on of of pubg on PlayStation four and you’re at five minutes into this video you see the game play you already know that this is not a graphically beautiful game pubg GPS for is not going to be winning any awards for best graphics anytime soon and they did to be fair it’s not the Xbox one Picasso buildings at launch

But it’s a really long way from PC in terms of looks the official sheets and specs that were released show the game running at ten eighty P. on PlayStation four is PlayStation four pro but I swear it looks upscale when I’m playing the game it does not look like a crisp ten eighty P. I suspect it’s an upscale ten eighty P. or they have absolutely no anti aliasing whatsoever on consoles because I see a lot of jagged edges when I run around and this makes it a little bit harder to spot enemies

Especially if they’re sitting still because they’re not as distinct against the background speaking of things that are still verses moving I spot them easier when they’re moving of course but it’s a little rough because the frame rate is capped at thirty FPS for stability reasons this is not a sixty FPS game and has no intentions of going sixty FPS anytime in the near future this is brutal for me because every game I play a sixty FPS or or higher hundred twenty hundred forty four whatever I thought that I could adapt to it and over some time I was.

In more used to the frame rate but then for some strange reason the frame rate would dip or chug or skip frames or lack a little bit this was mostly hot I was running through cities or turning too fast there was just too much load on my PlayStation four to properly handle everything so I would say the F. frame rate is up to thirty and it rained it thirty most of the time,

But I did have a dip down into the twenties on occasion buildings trees in most objects have a lower draw distance than they do on P. C. as you would expect when skydiving out of my airplane over to some sort of new object I noticed that unlike PC the buildings don’t load when I looked down at the ground there just sort of they look like aerial maps through little geographic maps of the ground.

So I kind of needed to know where I was going before I already jumped out the buildings in really load until I was about halfway down and I can also see it struggling sometimes to keep up with all objects in the map sometimes I see them Picasso were pop in and out in the distance and struggled this was probably the weakest part of the graphics the role of the draw distance was a big turn off for me moving along the way from Graphis.

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Control / Graphic / Gameplay

let’s talk about controls, controls are really hard for this game I think they’re the same as the Xbox one X. but they’re they’re difficult they’re not as intuitive as they are in PC but that’s the nature of having a PC game for you have an entire keyboard full of buttons and six buttons on your mouse and different types of inputs you have to translate that to a controller which has much less total buttons.

There was a training mode that I could have played that was supposed to get me up to speed on this but ice skipped it personally I really hate training modes those are just painful and boring for me so I skip them as often as I can that’s a problem the VR games have they make you do like a thirty minute tutorial to remind you to look behind you but that’s a totally different story.

Thankfully there’s a lot of in game tips that pop up on the screen that remind you of the controls and what to do and I think those are essential because it’s really overwhelming there are a lot of different inputs to do and different controls do different stuff depending on what mode you’re in if you’re in third person for aiming down.

Sites if you’re peeking over shoulder depending on what you’re doing if you’re free looking or there’s a lot of different sort of modes you kind of swap in and out of and the council buttons change accordingly one thing that they’re not particularly clear about is whether these buttons that you’re doing need to be tapped or held and tap in this game is very quick you can’t do normal pressed you have to do like a like a millisecond tap to do tap to pick up tap to a quick tap to do a lot of different things like that.

So that needs a little bit more clarity but the tool tips to help and after some time I I was getting less awkward and moving I was getting more used to it wasn’t it wasn’t that bad but it was definitely harder than PC one thought that I have is I don’t know why pubgespecially on console isn’t like it does on mobile when you pick up a weapon it should already be in fully automatic mode it could already come reloaded that’s not the biggest step or more importantly

Should You Buy?

So at the end of the day the question you want to ask me is should I buy this game? well if you want more milsim or realism in your battle royale and you like a patient game a slow paced game then I think you’d enjoy pubg

on PlayStation for each game here if you go all the way is about forty minutes long and there’s a lot of dead time and a lot of running and a lot of prep time and you die really really quick sometimes kind of like milsim if you’re already on PlayStation four and you’re very happy with call of duty black help we’re happy with fortnight I don’t think you’re gonna like this game the pace and the way the pubs.

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He plays is so much more slower and more tactical morsel arguments that slower and more tactical than either of those games if you like the speed and flow of those games this one is gonna feel painfully slow so guys that is all for my review I hope that you enjoyed it I hope that you learn something usefull.

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