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What is Apex legends? due to its massive popularity many people are hearing about it but asking what is it here is an introduction to the game some things you should know when first hopping on well the best sliding into Apex and Also New Shroud Apex Legends Settings.

shroud apex legend

You played a squad of three players against nineteen other squads totaling twenty making for a total of sixty players in a match the goal is to be the final surviving squad as you continue to be chased by the reigning in waves if you stand in the ring you will be damaged this game is heavily team focused implementing a hero based system.

Shroud Apex Legend Settings

These characters are called legends there are eight of them in total they all have three abilities each one tactical one passive and one Ultimates tactical heavy fairly fast recharge time passives as their name suggests are activated automatically when they’re triggered an Ultimates take the most amount of time to charge for eight legends are Banglore bloodhound caustic Gibraltar lifeline Mirage pathfinder and race.

Shroud Mouse and Keyboard Settings
Shroud Apex Legend Gameplay Settings
Shroud Mouse and Keyboard Settings
Shroud Mouse and Keyboard Settings
Shroud Apex Legend Controller
Shroud Controller
Apex Legend Video Settings By Shroud
Apex Legend Video Settings By Shroud
Shroud Settings By Prosettings
Shroud Setting By Prosettings

Shroud Apex Legends Settings Gameplay

– Interact Prompt Style : Default

– Button Hits : On

– CrossHair Damage FeedBack : Shield Icon

– Damage Numbers : Stacking

– Ping Opacity : Default

– Obituaries : On

Shroud Mouse and Keyboard Setting

– Mouse Sensitivity 3.0

– ADS Mouse Sensitivity : 1.0

Mouse Acceleration : Off

Mouse Invert : Off

Shroud Apex Legend Controller

Stick Layout : Default

Interact /Reload Button : Tap To Use and Reload

Crouch Button : Toggle

Aim Button : Hold

Shroud Apex Video Settings

Anti Aliasing : None

Texture Streaming Budget : High

Texture Filtering : Anisotropic 4x

Ambient Occulusion Quality : Disable

All Shroud Gear

By Prosettings

Monitor : BENQ XL2540

Mouse : LOGITECH G303




Shroud PC

shroud Pc By Prosettings



MEMORY : G.Skill Tridentz RGB series 32GB

SSD : Samsung 960 Pro 2TB

Shroud Setup

Shroud Setup Bt Prosettings

Microphon : SHURE SM7B


Mouse Bungee : Zowie Camade

Chair : Herman Miller Embody

Capture Card : Magewell PRO Capture Quad

About Shroud

About Shroud

Birthday : June 2 1994

Place Of Birth : Canada

Real Name : Mike Grzesiek

This is a two thousand and thirteen somewhere in Mississauga Ontario, as you know him shroud streaming counter strike global offensive.

As soon as his crappy Canadian internet was good enough he started Streaming, But before he was a streamer Michael was your typical gamer kid from the days before twitch in view to popularize the hobby playing video games with his favorite thing to do that’s how we spent the majority of his freetime the idea of doing that for a living was a dream like for any kid.

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Then which happens and he saw streamers like summit one G. continuously growing popularity and get paid to play as soon as his crappy Canadian internet was good enough he started screaming that was in two thousand eleven under the tag and a cliff. His first steps towards becoming shroud.

Slowly this channel began to get attention mostly because people were interested in watching CS go but what is new viewers never expected was for his name and movement he’s so good.

Shroud Apex Legend Gameplay

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I’m sure if you played already you know most what’s in this post this is for the brand new players apex legends is a free to play class based first person shooter battle royale base in the Titan full universe out now on PlayStation four Xbox one and PC through origin. thats all about Shroud Apex Legends Settings and Best Gameplay Apex Legend By Shroud.

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