Shroud PUBG Settings | Sound | Controller | Graphic | Mouse New 2019

If you are looking for complete information about shroud pubg settings, You can check here the latest and updated settings from him.

starting from graphic settings, controller settings, sound, mouse, and much more. And also you can check gear shroud like a monitor, pc, keyboard, headset, mic, mousepad with the price.

Shroud PUBG Settings

Shroud PUBG Settings
You can find complete settings that the shroud uses to play PUBG,  in the picture below, graphic, contrtol, mouse, sound.  
everything is there check it out gamers!
Shroud PUBG control settings


Shroud PUBG graphic settings
Shroud Sound Settings

Shroud Monitor Settings

Refresh Rate: 240hz
Brightness: 100
Contrast: 50
Sharpness: 7
Black eQualizer: 10
Reset Color: NO
AMA: Premium
Instant Mode: ON

Sound Settings

Master Volume : 70
Effect : 100
UI : 100

Music : NO
Voice Chat Mode : Push To Talk
Voice Chat Channel : Only Team
Voice Chat Output : 100

Controller Mouse

Invert Mouse : NO
General Sensitivity : 56
Vehicle Driver Sensitivity : 55
Targeting Sensitivity : 55
ADS Sensitivity : 50
2x Scope : 50
4x Score : 50
8x Scope : 47
15x Scope : 47


Brightness : 56
Screen Scale : 100
Anti Aliasing : High
Post Processing : Very Low
Shadows : Very Low
Texture : Ultra
Effect : Very Low
Foliage : Very Low
View Distance : Low
V Sync : NO
Monitor Blur : NO

All Shroud Gear Stream

all game equipment from shroud is in the picture below, for those of you who want to have the same gear with the shroud all complete here.

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Shroud Gaming PC Set By BattleroyaleSettings


All Shroud Gear
Shroud Gaming Setup

The Story Of Shroud

Story Of Shroud


Full Name: Mike Grzesiek

Birthday: June 2, 1994
Place of Birth: Canada

This is his story.  Shroud join cloud nine counter strike global offensive roster on September first twenty fourteen after the organization acquired complexities roster which featured shroud as a stand shroud was a streamer who had been competing in ESEA qualifiers with exert a C.

sports and manage Yuma during twenty thirteen and early twenty fourteen it was during this era that he impressed the eventual cloud nine roster and landed himself a spot on the squad.

Im A Legend

Shroud :” Way I kind of got together was I dreamed a lot streaming is actually a good way for people to scout I guess because they can watch or stream I didn’t even know I was going to join the team I just finished the regular season with management and then a week. “

Shroud: ” A week after the board that’s just me and says Hey do you want to join complexity which is cloud nine out what I was just like course yeah.”

From his beginnings in Mississauga Canada shroud was bred to play games he lived with his father who built computers obsessively and introduce shroud two games as a child.

Shroud Father :” I love games I love games of computers I I build every single computer we all and since he was really tiny I was putting in my on my laptop and you know let him do whatever and then I used to listen to counter strike because I like the game and all the picked up so quickly ducked out for a couple of lines that was pointless for me to play with them. “

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Shroud PUBG Best Moment

Shroud started streaming well pro calendar strike was still a pipe dream for him in twenty eleven he’d actually lost interest in CSS during source but his FPS fire was rejuvenated when a friend gifted him CS go on steam a year or so later shroud was a huge fan of summit one G. on twitch and wanted to give streaming a try. thats all information about shroud pubg settings.

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