Best Viss PUBG Settings Mouse Control / Sound / Graphic New 2019

All of Viss Pubg Settings is complete here, Viss is a streamer twitch which has more than 400,000 followers. Some of the history of the game he has played like Arma 3 and H1Z1. You can find all the game settings he has here. such as setting graphics, sound, mouse control, and streaming equipment

Viss PUBG Settings New 2019

All the images below are complete settings that he has, the mouse settings and graphic settings are all there.

Viss Graphic Settings
Viss PUBG by battleroyalesettings
Graphic Setting
PUBG Sound Settings

Monitor Setting

Black eQualizer: 10
Reset Color: NO
AMA: Premium
Instant Mode: ON
Brightnes: 100
Contrast: 50
Refresh Rate: 240hz
Sharpness: 7

Mouse Control

DPI : 400





2X SOCPE : 36

3X SCOPE : 36

4x Scope : 36

6x – 15x : 36

Iron Sight Sens. : 36

Sound Settings

Master Volume : 70

Effect : 100

UI : 100

Music : 100

Voice Chat Mode : Push To Talk

Voice Chat Channel : Only Team

Viss Gears Setup & PC

You can also buy the same gaming gears as Viss, such as a gaming keyboard, gaming headset, and even a gaming chair.

All gaming Gears from Viss is in the picture below, for those of you who want to have the same gear with the Viss all complete here.

Viss Gears Setup By battleroyalesettings

About Viss


Quick Fact

Real Name: Colton Visser
Birthday: August 22, 1994
Place of Birth: Utah

Viss PUBG Best Moment

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You can see the best moments he did while playing, some videos like the one above. Thats All About Viss PUBG Settings.

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